Marcrist PG750X Dry Tile Drill

$83.50 inc GST

The Marcrist PG750X Dry Tile Drill - Ideal for use with cordless drills.

Code: MAR-PG7X-D6, MAR-PG7X-D8, MAR-PG7X-D10, MAR-PG7X-D14

Drills 30-70 holes in grade 5 porcelain tiles. Self-cooling and self-sharpening. Optimum speed 2000-3000rpm. With wax coolant system that absorbs the heat, melts and begins lubrication process, improves tool life and speed of drilling.

  • Drills dry, no need for water!
  • When others fail...the PG750X is your dry drilling solution
  • PG750X always drills however hard the tile may be
  • Perfect for use with your cordless drill
  • Saves more in time than what it costs to buy
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Self-cooling
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Very Fast Drilling Speed
  • Use on Full Speed for Best Results & Longer Life


 Code Description Size (mm) Price incl each
MAR-PG7X-D6 Marcrist PG750X Dry Tile Drill - 6mm 6mm $83.50
MAR-PG7X-D8 Marcrist PG750X Dry Tile Drill - 8mm 8mm $85.90
MAR-PG7X-D10 Marcrist PG750X Dry Tile Drill - 10mm 10mm $99.00
MAR-PG7X-D14 Marcrist PG750X Dry Tile Drill - 14mm 14mm $114.00
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