Sigma 35cm Tile Cutter - ART 6

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The awesome Sigma Tile Cutter designed and built by sigma Italia. With the ability to cut tiles up to 15mm in thickness and even suited to cut the most uneven and rough of porcelain tiles. This is because of the patented and unique spring-loaded, vibration dampened breaker, which can score much thicker tiles.The maximum straight length that a cut can be made is 350m and 250mm is the maximum for diagonal cuts. The machine is fitted with a very strong long lasting tungsten carbide scoring wheel which has a ball bearing inside the attachment. The scoring and breaking action are faster and easier, simply push score over the surface of the tile, lift the handle slightly then push down to break the tile. You will be amazed at how quick and easy the process is.The measurement bar can be rotated to 45º in each direction with a scale to precisely get the angle of any cut.

Pull Action Heavy Duty Tile Cutter with Adjustable Height Settings
Replaceable 12mm Scoring Wheel
Made in Italy
Product Code: ART 6
Max Tile Size for Straight Cuts: 350mm
Max Tile Size for Diagonal Cuts: 250mm
Max Tile Thickness: 15mm
Optional Carry Case ART43
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